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090706 - Roswell - Rebekah Burton, 14, Alpharetta, Is all smiles as she takes off on her bike followed by her spotter, Kelli Mittrucker, from Woodstock. Children with disabilities such as Autism, MRDD, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy are taught how to ride a two wheel bike within a 5 day period at Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp, a joint program presented by the Fischer Foundation, Inc, in cooperation with the Roswell Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs department. The kids have one 75 minute session each day for five days, and most will be riding a two wheeler by the last day. According to the Fischer Foundation, the program has an 86% success rate. The program utilizes adapted bikes and techniques developed by Dr. Richard Klein from the University of Illinois. Monday, July 6 2009 Bob Andres /